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Threads or Replies that this user has posted to this board.
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+ i need help
+ I need help ASAP!!!! PWEEZ
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+ I need to know the artist or the song
+ I think it's '90s, talks of going to a coffee shop....
+ Julia NOT The Beatles one
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+ Lead Singer?
+ Let;'s Make Love by Guys N' Dolls
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+ lyrics
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+ name the artist
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+ on the road to shambala
+ one hit wonder
+ One hit wonder need help
+ One Night Lovers
+ only know some words for a song it might be late 70s or 80's
+ osmosis - she didn't even remember my name
+ Papa was a Rolling Stone
+ Piano Solo
+ Please help - i really want this song for my 21st bday party - in 2 days!!!
+ Please help...a song either called 'Jasmin' or with lyrics about Jasmin
+ Pop Hits Edited From Classical Music
+ Pop song circa 70's
+ Question...........
+ Remake of 60's song.
+ Richie Haven's did the song YES...what cd is it on
+ rock n roll...time...do this do that...kneel down & pray
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+ Search: availability - "OSMOSIS - SHE (Didn't Even Remember My Name)"
+ Ships In The Night
+ Shy Guy Dancier Version
+ some help
+ someone out there must know this one!!!!!i hope!!!maybe1979-1983(rock)
+ song and artist
+ Song called "Wait"?
+ song from 70's or early 80's
+ song title or artist help
+ Song "Elizabeth", mid-70s, male singer
+ tell me where i can get this song please "Steel Away" by Robbie Duprais
+ thank you everyone...I have one more...in Hawaii, they played this song...Hold me by Akiko
+ the group The Girlz with the hit "it's over"
+ the peels
+ the promises
+ the river is wide
+ they called her easy
+ This should be easy...still driving me up the wall
+ uk one hit wonder 70s?
+ Whats thsi song: What's the matter You, Hey, why you feeln so bad?
+ Who remembers King Trigger's The River?
+ who sings One day of your life, that's all I ask for???
+ whoa song
+ Windmills
+ "NEW" 70's One Hit Wonders
+ "Sooner or Later"

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