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gotta have a JOB.. if you wanna be with mezockermod3066005/17/2008 01:19 PM
who sings this songtracy762105/17/2008 12:53 PM
Ballad Duet Mid 90s ? PLEASE JUST HELP ME...bitihal2099005/13/2008 06:23 PM
Late 80s/Early 90s male R&BCBell1638305/11/2008 09:14 PM
All The Way Up R&B SongBRANDONPIONEER840105/02/2008 02:34 PM
Looking for R&B Artist - Sounds like Lou Rawls ...Late 1970s ...early 80sBernadette Williams1171304/29/2008 05:10 PM
Searching hi/lo for this artist namemichael burise536004/28/2008 03:43 PM
Need help with the song..."Heavenly"nubian37875204/23/2008 10:37 AM
70?s song about "making messes.." or "look at the mess"eltonbonn582004/22/2008 08:18 AM
90s Technoree102110582504/11/2008 08:55 AM
helpjorjia762204/09/2008 02:22 PM
need artist for '90s club jamqueenof1933104/07/2008 01:42 AM
Please help with this ArtistWonnie775204/05/2008 11:44 AM
who sang the house classic "It's Not Over"SwingKid16041204/02/2008 12:20 AM
90's female groupsbluehaze6021994104/02/2008 12:16 AM
WindmillsFlipomatic1038204/02/2008 12:15 AM
Help me know the group & song!!!hotboi28878203/11/2008 12:51 AM
Need an expert !!! Looking for an R & B group from the late 80's earlier 90rrosa24864302/25/2008 08:18 PM
Girl group of the early mid 80's please helpWonnie666002/19/2008 09:56 PM
early 90's song about sexblondee127806414402/18/2008 08:09 AM
Anone know an old club song?Thickchick73815102/03/2008 01:59 AM
R&B Song '85 ...When You're Not There??Lojosinger609001/27/2008 01:57 AM
Cajun style artist of the 90'sKarius919101/21/2008 05:10 PM
NEED DESPERATE HELP!Galloway458001/18/2008 03:40 AM
Mid 80's Be With YouKefentse561001/02/2008 05:03 PM

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