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Can you tell me Who sang this songthe bass936110/02/2009 02:59 PM
Somebody Please Help Me ??Lady Lonna4963609/27/2009 06:05 PM
1999 R&B hitneqquah641008/30/2009 11:10 PM
HELP! 1900s R&B male song "round and round" name was something like Montel zealous1681308/16/2009 01:46 AM
Guy Group Early 90'sshacake78796008/12/2009 09:05 PM
This is my jam5 STAR CHICK775108/01/2009 09:17 AM
r&b love songcgutter1121107/30/2009 09:40 PM
R&B male group, 80's or 90's. Please need artist & song titlemphili101759007/30/2009 01:01 AM
oldies slow soul grooverocafellamemba1996935107/19/2009 06:01 AM
90 or 91 reggae songdarilisgm111061107/18/2009 02:19 AM
Name of song and Artistempra.ter456007/16/2009 07:37 AM
90s rnb group with two sets of twinstoslo242419407/12/2009 09:24 PM
I'm looking for this spanish song!!!!!!cdsouthsidec12537006/29/2009 08:04 AM
Who sang this 90s rnb song? Some help needed...luvliyah3060406/23/2009 05:43 PM
Late 80's Dance songBRIAMARI1783206/22/2009 08:37 PM
Please help me find this late 90's early 2000's R&B song!!!!DeepThinker1844106/18/2009 01:00 AM
wish for yesterdaycynthiaw47580006/12/2009 02:34 AM
1993(ish) female r&b group and song titleamay1640206/11/2009 12:01 PM
90's rnb/hip hop 3 girl group please help!rocafellamemba19961756206/04/2009 04:26 PM
Its driving me crazuy.... does anyone remember this classic slow songSweet Mama Do Right953205/31/2009 02:48 PM
Name the Song Title and Artistelectra5me835105/31/2009 02:20 PM
Early 70'swolff16256021005/25/2009 01:47 AM
please helprocafellamemba19961107305/18/2009 03:24 PM
DOES ANYONE KNOW THESE 2 OLD SKOOL CLASSIC SLOW JAMZ??Sweet Mama Do Right1047405/02/2009 12:05 PM
This is ridiculous!MTmix86428004/30/2009 05:27 PM

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