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Southern Bellediamondchick870664010/08/2006 09:23 AM
rapper that sounded like Hammerdiamondchick870962310/08/2006 09:22 AM
Who Sings this SongRTB910210/04/2006 11:13 PM
90's female R&B groupNxkellz1327110/04/2006 02:44 AM
brand new heaviesdoughboy861709/26/2006 11:46 PM
'70's slow R&B song - ''Girl I called you up to say that I'm having troublealt.johnson1772209/16/2006 11:43 AM
Girl group w/ "5 minutes of funk" sampleiqqi1591509/16/2006 09:39 AM
artist: "gotta get a J.O.B if you wanna be with me..."?floydd18235309/16/2006 03:14 AM
Early 90's one hit wonder!!!Snacks1212209/10/2006 01:10 PM
90's R&B male groupnrg16044173109/02/2006 01:13 AM
mid to late 90's rock songcabey4942109/02/2006 12:46 AM
Screaming / Feel Like Letting Go - Lyrics / Who is artist?jpenguin31998108/28/2006 11:18 PM
Help! R&B song name and ArtistHeart&Soul1720108/24/2006 01:41 AM
help me dancraig1063308/21/2006 12:55 PM
"Twiiiiisted, love of a man won't due" Artist and Title Please!sensimedia828208/18/2006 10:24 PM
Slow Jam Probably 90' s R&B Groupsoulmusic19721345108/10/2006 07:33 PM
R&B group 1993Wonnie988005/31/2006 02:41 AM
R&B female singer/group mid 90's ?Krystal6838105/27/2006 02:32 AM
what was the name of the groupbigbabybuba1980802105/06/2006 04:56 PM
what was the name of the groupbigbabybuba19801020105/06/2006 04:55 PM
RE: R&B artist O'Bryanluvmesumwarren2940105/06/2006 10:16 AM
90s R&B groupsaffire1360404/23/2006 02:18 AM
female group early 90'smizzsnoopi1767104/17/2006 07:46 PM
mid 90's mc hammer group special generationkima2281699304/10/2006 10:51 AM
really want to know who this group isrose wel1299104/08/2006 04:35 AM

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