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Posted: 09/26/06 12:06 PM
Author: KSwissNewi
Location: NYC
Posts: 1


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This is drivin me insane!!!!! help please. :)
This has been drivin me insane forever now...I'm not quite sure what year this song came out but, I want to say ...1999? I just know that it was before the year 2004. I know that might not narrow it down that much. All i remember is the music video, it was 2 young guys, one looked asian but he might have been hispanic and the other was a young black guy. And, it was about how the girlfriend cheated and she wanted them back. It wasn't a "slow" song either, it was pretty fast paced. I know that they didnt come out with another song after that. (not that i know of). So, if u know who this is...PLEASEEE tell me. Thanks!

Aaron From OHWC
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