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Posted: 08/21/06 12:02 AM
Author: superhooperduty
Location: canada
Posts: 50


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yet another song i'd like to remember
again from the early 70's, was on radio same time(if i remember correctly) as eric claptons after midnight. lyrics went something like this " i'm going home rolly rolly and i can hear that funky music on down the line." and its not edwin starr's 25 miles. thanks

Posted: 03/11/10 01:48 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


yet another song i'd like to remember

Eric Mercury - I Can Smell That Funky Music {1971}

Click to hear

Note: Song was found by Canadian music expert/music collector Vic Ferri. Vic also offers a music transfer service. I have a link for him at my link below.



Aaron From OHWC
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