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Posted: 07/29/06 04:25 AM
Author: shotokanmasta1984
Location: USA
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Petite - He's So Fine
this group Petite made a song about New Edition. a couple of years down the line, they eventually became X-Girlfriend. anybody know where I can download this song or find out if they made a CD?


^theres the link to the video for it. the song is really cheesy but I want to hear a better version of it.the sound quality of the video is terrible.

Posted: 07/29/06 05:58 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Petite - He's So Fine
Petite - So Fine {1985}

Click here to buy the 12" record

I haven't found any evidence that a CD was made for this artist.

Posted: 02/08/09 11:52 PM
Author: Tululah
Location: St. Louis, Mo
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Petite - He's So Fine
They did have an album. I own it, and It was called "Petite' Teens".

The tracks were:

1. So Fine
2. I'm not a know it all
3. Catch'em
4. Word
5. Teen Dreams
6. ABC's
7. Playboy
8. The Lost boy

They also had two obscure singles "My First Kiss"

And, also changed their name to Kenne & Petite when they released their last single in 1988 called "What is he to you?"

Posted: 09/01/09 08:18 AM
Author: justvox
Location: USA
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Petite - He's So Fine
Here is the actual music video:


Aaron From OHWC
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