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Posted: 07/08/06 07:27 PM
Author: coytuck
Location: st. louis
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this is one for the books...
this a song from, we're talking late 1985, early 1986. a woman sings it. don't know if she's in a group or not. very '80s r&b. the only lyrics I can vaguely remember possibly has something to do with the title (which I can't find) that goes "I've gotten over you." another reference in the song has the woman saying something about "gonna put your body on it," and "your body needs kissing" (I think). not much help but, hell... it was 20 years ago. who's mind isn't fragmented by then. any takers?


Posted: 07/08/06 09:18 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
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this is one for the books...

Marlena Shaw - I've Gotten Over You

Click to hear

I'm not sure if this is a cover of 'The Sonnettes' song.

Regarding the title "I've Gotten Over You", I found a couple of artists...

Joey Farr

Fran Asher (Jazz)


Aaron From OHWC
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