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Posted: 05/06/06 12:38 PM
Author: bigbabybuba1980
Location: usa
Posts: 5


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what was the name of the group
it was a group with two lead singers in it one was a slim guy that wore glasses and sounded like cameo a lil bit and the other was the smooth one and one lyric was my lemon drop my lolly pop girl candy must be your name cause your sweetness is my weakness and im damn so something help me out again some one and big ups to dan for the last one.

Posted: 05/06/06 04:54 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


what was the name of the group

Artist: Lo-Key?

Song: I Got A Thang 4 Ya!

CD: Where Dey At?

Year: 1992

Track listing

1. Studio, The
2. Lo-Key?...Where Dey At?!
3. Wake Up Girl, You Got A Phone Call
4. Milkshake
5. F*** Lo-Key?
6. Attention: The Shawanda Story
7. Shawanda And Lil' Mama
8. I Wanna Make U Mine
9. Station K.C.S.L.
10. Ya Gots 2 B True
11. Sweet On U
12. More Ways Than One
13. Autumn Love
14. I Got A Thang 4 Ya!
15. Hey There Pretty Lady
16. Stay Awhile
17. Don't You Know By Now
18. Attention: Shawanda's Soulful Mix

I got a thing for you, baby
I got a thing for you, baby

Dark and lovely, no one above thee
Oh, girl. you really got it going on
I wanna spank you, I wanna thank you
You`re the reason why I sing this song

Are roses red, are violets blue
Who cares as long as I`m with you
So let`s just run away, oh
Where only the two us can play, girl
Let`s run away

Let`s pray and bless the sun
It`s a nice and warm afternoon
Your smiling face, your love and grace
Could light up any room

Now I won`t flinch but I need a pinch
To make sure I`m not dreaming
Cause love like this don`t come every day
And I`ve got a couple of words
That I`d like to say

Here`s a little something
That you should know
I got a thing for you, baby


Mrs. good stuff, oh, you`re so tough
You put some things on my mind
Now don`t desert me
But, girl, just hurt me with
All the love you can find

Oh, baby girl
My lemon drop, my lollipop
Girl, candy must be your name
Cause your sweetness is my weakness
And I`m damn sure nothing can beat this

I can`t imagine ??
My dreariness, my lonelieness
Has done and ??

I never wander
Cause my heart was round her
Even when we`re apart
Baby must have hit the spot
She fling an arrow straight
Through my heart


Some folks are just old-fashioned
Other folks just want some action
That`s all they want
? is looking for passion in the heart

Cause you and I will keep love alive
And, baby, you know we should
Never, never let it go

Alright now, sing it y`all
I got a thing for you
Sure nuff got a thing for you
Girl, I got a thing for you
Sure nuff got a thing for you


And there`s nothing they can do about
I`ve got a thing got you, baby.....


Aaron From OHWC
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