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Posted: 04/26/06 11:44 AM
Author: Mery
Location: California
Posts: 7


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Need Lyrics
for this old tune: "Rack up the balls, boys; put away your cues...old father time..." Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Mery

Posted: 05/27/06 02:58 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Need Lyrics
Artist: Stuart Hamblen

Song Title: Rack Up The Balls Boys

Composer: Stuart Hamblen

Album/CD: A Man & His Music

Year: 1952

Artist: Jimmie Dolan (RAMBLIN? JIMMIE DOLAN)

Song Title: Rack Up The Balls Boys

CD: Juke Box Boogie

Click to hear Jimmie Dolan

Click here to buy the CD

Artist: Rex Allen

Song Title: Rack Up The Balls Boys

Some of the lyrics...

.....call your name
It ain't no joke
That's all she wrote
This may be your last game

It was down in Higgins Pool Room
on the corner of the square
a flea bitten crowd had gathered
and sweet music filled the air

Big doe John was taking bets
When dice bounced off the wall
From a heart attack
he staggered back
He covered his last call

Rack up the balls boys
Put away the cues
Old father time is on your trail
And he ain't gonna lose
Big doe...

man who threw the cue ball was no bigger than a flea
but Willy wore a lily he couldn't smell or see

The sheet music with lyrics
may be available at this website...


Posted: 05/27/06 01:27 PM
Author: Vic Ferri
Location: Canada
Posts: 161


Need Lyrics
Hi Dan, the song was originally done by the composer, Stuart Hamblen, It was released as a single and is also on his album "A Man & His Music" which was also released in cd format.

funny song 4 sure :)


Posted: 05/29/06 10:24 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Need Lyrics

Thanks for the correction! I have edited my original post to include your information.

Posted: 01/04/09 06:17 PM
Author: John C
Location: USA
Posts: 1


Need Lyrics
That silly song was buzzing around in my head today..."rack up the balls boys, put away your cues. Old Father Time is on our trail and he ain't gonna lose........."
SEE? I can't remember much either. I'm 63 y/o and spent a lot of time in a tavern with my folks growing up and have lots of old juke box stuff in my head. And to this day I still can't keep "The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise" and "Beyond The Blue Horizon" separate..........to say nothing of "We'll Meet Again" and "I'll Be Seeing You"..........maybe Father Time IS catching up with us...........

Aaron From OHWC
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