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Posted: 11/14/10 10:55 PM
Author: susanlancy
Location: China
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The west wing is good
There is no question in my mind the "The West Wing" was one of the greatest drama series on television ever. And if you've been holding out on buying the DVDs until this box set was released then I would suggest you part with some cash immediately. The issue for a lot of people reading these reviews, however, is going to be whether or not they are going to want to replace individual box sets with this release. I'm not going to suggest to you what the best move is, although in the next few days you're going to see my box sets on sale, but this is really a decision on whether or not you want a beautifully packaged set. That is what this is. The 'leather' folder the disks come in is perfect in terms of design for this series. The two 'books' that the set contains are glossy, and the pictures are beautiful. It is also a welcome change to see seasons 1 to 4 discs one -sided as opposed to the previous release. The individual folders that the disks here come in are sturdy enough and again well designed. However, I can't spot any additional extras on the discs. The foreward by Aaron Sorkin also isn't new - it's taken from the first Scriptbook that was released. So if you are a Wingnut, chances are you've seen everything here before and as I said it really comes down to the packaging and the fact that you were going to buy Season 7 anyway so why not splurge on this. I'm giving it 4 stars as opposed to 5 because I can't quite forgive the makers for Season 5 and also because it would have been nice of them to include something extra for the Wingnuts here considering it is us who are really going to be purchasing this set.
I think this set has a few advantages that will make it an essential part of many collections. First off, it's a visually beautiful DVD set. From the single picture, I can see that a lot of thought was put into the packaging. This makes the set stand out far above the standard cardboard flip books that make up most sets.
Next up, it'll make a great set to give to people as a Christmas gift. Now I know that many DVD sets are given out each year, but this is different. It can be argued that the entire series was created and maintained with one goal in mind..... to raise the level of public debate, and to educate our society in the workings of the government. THAT makes this a set that I can't wait to buy, and lend out to younger adults. These kids will one day be our leaders, and even if they don't agree with the politics of the series, they could gain a thirst for serving the people.
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