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Posted: 11/14/10 10:53 PM
Author: susanlancy
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true blood is nice
Very few True Blood characters were spot on. Jason Stackhouse, Granny Stackhouse and Lafayette were excellent physical representations of Harris? work, both in body and spirit (though writer?s took some liberties with Lafayette?s character.)Among the more troublesome selections were Bill Compton and everyone?s favorite Norseman, Eric. True Blood?s Bill wasn?t exactly what more readers would have pictured. He was a little less handsome and fragile, though once the series began Compton fangbangers were a bit more accepting. Actor, xxxx, didn?t exactly look the part, but he played the character very well.
While Skarsgaard is very Nordic in appearance, he was not what anyone had anticipated. Eric was a Viking--big, bold and beautiful. What viewers received was a small, slight and brooding Norseman ? a severe disappointment.
Occasionally, the plot of True Blood would mimic what Harris? wrote in her novels, but more than often, writers went way off course. Charlaine Harris provided provocative action packed stories, and obviously as a television series, these plots would need to be expanded, but hacking them up was a poor choice.
There are a few examples of how Harris? work was bastardized on screen. The character of Tara in Harris? novels? does not play a large role. She is Sookies friend, eventually opens up a clothing store called ?Tara?s Togs? and winds up marrying Hoyt. There isn?t much else known about the character of Tara.
In the series, Tara plays a large role as Sookie?s best friend who is in love with Jason and winds up shagging the sexy shifter, Sam. This didn?t sit well with Harris enthusiasts. Jason?s subplot, with the insane drug addict girlfriend is also way off track. Jason is a ladies man who didn?t settle down through many of the novels -skipping- from bed to bed until he shacked up with a were, married her and lived oddly ever after. True Blood writers should have at least attempted to honor Harris? work.
Read more at Suite101: Southern Vampire Novels vs. True Blood TV Series: A Comparison of The Translation of Harris? Work Between Genres.
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