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Posted: 11/14/10 10:50 PM
Author: susanlancy
Location: China
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the office is very nice
The Office is one of the best TV series.If you want to see this this show.you can get it.America may always be imitating our British forebears, but the U.S. version of Ricky Gervais' astounding comedy of cruelty managed to make the original?s single-camera mockumentary premise its own. Key to the translation?s success: a more sympathetic boss played by Steve Carell, a more confident (and competent) relationship between co-workers Jim and Pam, and a divergence from the plots provided by its predecessor. By the second episode, when Michael Scott assigns each employee with an ethnic identity to teach a lesson about diversity?but leaves out ?Arab? because ?It?s too soon??it was abundantly clear that creator Greg Daniels was pointing the show in its own direction. As the seasons have piled up, the writers have innovated to delightful effect; witness last season?s Michael Scott Paper Company arc, which revealed new facets of the main characters without throwing any of the show?s ample investments away.
Essential episodes: ?Casino Night,? ?Dinner Party,? ?Dream Team?
The series became popular partly due to the actor playing Bernd Stromberg, Christoph Maria Herbst, and partly due to The Office-inspired script by Ralf Husmann. Herbst's real-to-life acting efforts made his character a cult figure among many Germans.[citation needed]
The show takes place at the office of the fictional insurance company ?Capitol Versicherung AG?, (Capitol Insurance PLC) where the trivial day-to-day events take place in an eerie atmosphere oscillating between bullying and sycophancy.
Steve Carell is likeable and funny as the man-child boss who presides over Pam and Jim, Dwight and Angela, and all the other unlucky workers trapped in "The Office." NBC is now lavishing extra care on the show, since it's highly rated, and is even creating special hour-long episodes. It's a unique show which you'll love or hate, but the characters always make it fascinating. And the absurd moments are all heightened by the show's fake documentary style, which makes all the craziness seem disturbingly real.

Aaron From OHWC
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