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Posted: 04/12/10 02:58 AM
Author: Lost Cause
Location: anywhere usa
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Summer of 96 Rn B hit Rain
Does any1 short of being a DJ know a one hit wonder from the summer of 1996 or was it 97? sung by a
in a Breathy-vocal style
"Because your kissin..... rain...." is all of the lyrics i can remember.
it was an upbeat r n b song
There was a musical hook using a high- pitched triplet( 3 quick notes in succession) that would repeat often.
She is on the likes of Yvette Michelle, NO its not the bigger acts like TOTAL or SWV who also have the word RAIN in their songs. This one defined one hit wonder cause i am still findin it after 14 years!! I was out of the country at the beginning of the summer and when I got back the radio, POWER 106 or the BEAT 92.3 was just about done with that song so I never got to "play it out" But it was a real good 'summer jam' type of song so anyone who out there who knows your Rn B , help a brother out!!

Posted: 04/12/10 09:38 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
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Summer of 96 Rn B hit Rain
Try this song...

MoKenStef - Sex In The Rain {1995}

Click here to watch the video



Aaron From OHWC
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