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Posted: 03/12/10 02:58 PM
Author: princessmestiza
Location: Cali
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pls help can't find this song ANYWHERE!!
it's a girl group from the 90s and i don't know the group name or the song name....if you can help it would be greatly appreciated. I do know the second verse tho....

you tried to put the blame on me
because our love didn't work
you're the one who played on me
now tell me who is the jerk
i don't wanna call you names
but it's part of the game
cause when you clown around with me
i have to put you to shame
you say one day i'm gonna miss you
and you'll get back with me
this is a vision that my fortuneteller
can not foresee
she sees me with another man with a ring on my hand
she sees you cryin the corner cause you can't understand
how a woman that you moded to adjust to your ways
suddenly just turns around and doesn't do what you say
i'm not your lover at the moment and i'm glad that i'm not
and although many times you hurt me boy i never forgot
this isn't payback from your lover or a woman's revenge
this is the story of a situation that had to end
so now you know the story as the way that it stands
you just lost your woman and now i have another man

you want me back you can't have me baby
you want me back you can't have me
you want me back but i'm not free....

Posted: 03/12/10 07:51 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
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pls help can't find this song ANYWHERE!!

Mi Jette & Money Mark - U Want Me Back {1992}

Click to hear song clip on Real Player



Aaron From OHWC
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