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Posted: 04/04/06 01:03 PM
Author: mmdccxvi
Location: US
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Cant figure it out
Ok, possibly mid 90's band. The songs chorus was " I remember Marvin Gaye..singin lets get it on...I remember Elvis Presley and his blue suede shoes, oh they gave me the blues" ect. ect.
The song also mentions a 72 chevy doing 120 and the war overseas. If I remember correctly the group was a bunch of younger white guys with a older blind, black lead singer. anyone?

Posted: 04/08/06 05:12 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Cant figure it out

Artist: Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise

Song: Once Upon A Time

CD: Blackwater Surprise

Original Release Date: September 17, 1996

Click to hear

Once upon a time, when I was in high school..
I was in love with you, lady,
and you treated me so cool.
I was drivin' a Chevy '72
It had 4 on the floor, girl,
120, it would do..

And I remember Marvin Gaye sayin,
let's get it on..

There was a war, baby, somewhere across the sea.
I didn't wanna go and fight, girl, but you were really lovin me..
You would wear, oh, those hot pants.
When you walked down the hall, all
the boys wanted a chance...
I remember Martin Luther King,
he was the man, babe, that gave us all a dream


I remember Marvin Gaye, sayin..let's get it on
(I don't play with my love bone)
Yeah I remember Marvin Gaye, saying, let's get it on.

We used to have sweet music in the dark.
(???) and light throughout the dark
I remember Martin Luther King,
he was the man, babe, that gave us all a dream

I remember Marvin Gaye, sayin..let's get it on
I remember Otis Redding, sittin at the dock of the bay
yeah, but he went away..
I remember Sam Cooke ya'll, bring it on home to me,
from your love I can be free.
I remember Elvis Presley, and his blue suede shoes,
he gave me the blues.

I remember Marvin Gaye...saying...LET'S GET IT ON !

Editorial Reviews


The former members of the Detroit alternative rock band Second Self were working on demos for a new record deal in 1992 when they stumbled across a blind street singer a few blocks from their studio. The young musicians were so struck by the older man's raspy, booming, soulful voice that they invited him into the studio to record a few tracks. The resultant quintet, Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise is named after the veteran busker and is dominated by his anachronistic, bluesy growl and his eccentric songwriting. Like the late street-singer-turned-major-label artist Ted Hawkins, Bradley is not a blues traditionalist. He loves the soul music of the '60s and '70s, but the experience of playing that material on an acoustic guitar on sidewalks created a hybrid sound that's neither old folk nor new pop. And when he started writing his own songs in this weird genre, he came up with arrestingly personal testimony, like his plea to the "Governor" to turn his electricity back on before the singer's woman walks out on him. Or his memories of his youth "Once Upon a Time" when Marvin Gaye sang and the world was full of dreams that slipped through our hands. Because Bradley's bandmates come out of a different tradition, they avoid the usual R&B clich?s. They also provide surprisingly sympathetic, admirably restrained backing to his peculiar vision. --Geoffrey Himes

Posted: 04/08/06 09:35 AM
Author: mmdccxvi
Location: US
Posts: 5


Cant figure it out
Amazing, Dan. I've been trying to figure that out for several years. Your diligence is greatly appreciated!
Posted: 05/14/10 04:18 PM
Author: tjhess1969
Location: usa
Posts: 1


Cant figure it out
I have searched and searched for over a year for this band, so I am glad to help you out:robert bradley, black water suprise and the song is Once upon a time.....enjoy

Aaron From OHWC
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