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Posted: 10/06/09 06:16 PM
Author: HappyWomble
Location: London, England
Posts: 2


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Artist and Song driving me nuts (90's R&B)
Hi all,

I heard a song on KissFM (I'm in England) today and it's been driving me nuts trying to figure out who it was by and what it was called (I missed the announcer saying both).

It's a 90's or at least early 2000's girl R&B group and the chorus goes something like: "Relax, enjoy this life. Get ready to get down ....so I suggest we chill".

That's all I can remember. I remember the guitar sounded like it was a slightly re-arranged classical song. The group sounded a lot like SWV or TLC or someone.

I've tried googling the lyrics and looked on quite a few websites but to no avail. If anybody can name them or the song I would be eternally grateful.

Robert - The Happy Womble.

Posted: 10/13/09 01:06 PM
Author: 1JOZ
Location: Lombard, ILL
Posts: 4


Artist and Song driving me nuts (90's R&B)
I believe the artist name is Deetah
"Relax" lyrics

Relax and join this ride
Get ready to get down
Chill out and feel this sound
Rhymes with mad skills, I always keep it real
I will, yo, so I suggest you chill

[Verse 1]
Lay back but don't sleep on this track
My rhymes attack like face smack
Feel the facts blazin' in your area
Copycats I'll bury ya
Hilarious style'n'original Bag rides!
You can't fly with the Murlyn kings, if your wings are fakin' it
You breakin' in the wrong place, makin' it hard to amaze
MCs livin' in the real life
Survivin' this game to the next level they stride

[Verse 2]
We gets down to relax and that's that
Clarify the way so I can dirtify my style
And justify my life while I'm on it
Not a Luniz so I gets ten on it
Messin' with that everyday and every mornin'
Kickin' rhymes to satisfy, get ready to get down
This lyrisista got mad surprizes underground
Magical sounds for you to listen
Unbelievable things in your life that you been really missin'

[Verse 3]
Feel comfortable, as much as possible
I recover you, better than a hospital
With particles from me to all of y'all, relaxation enta this
Knocked down operation, yo, my fist you kissed
You wish you was in my list
I bless you with my lyrics
How could anyone resist this trip
To the unstressable, protectable zone
The correctable choice here is understandable
Posted: 10/20/09 04:25 PM
Author: HappyWomble
Location: London, England
Posts: 2


Artist and Song driving me nuts (90's R&B)
That's the one! Thanks a lot man. Turns out that I did indeed have a copy of the song on an ancient compilation CD.

Aaron From OHWC
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