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Posted: 04/03/06 06:38 PM
Author: malkeibro
Location: Dallas
Posts: 2


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Does Anyone Have This Song
Fortunately, I happen to know the name of this song, but I am having the hardest time trying to find it online or anywhere else for that matter..The name of the song is "If You Could Read My Mind" or some such...and the name of the group was called "Attitude"...I have tried numerous Limewire and other filesharing sites, but I have had no luck...Is there anyone with a copy of this song in MP3 form that can send me it or at least someone that can offer me some leads on how to get a hold of this most elusive slow jam....I would greatly appreciate it...

Posted: 04/08/06 05:20 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Does Anyone Have This Song
Artist: Attitude

Song: If You Could Read My Mind

Album: Pump The Nation

Year: 1983

Note: This is a rare album and when available is usually expensive.

Click here to buy the album at GEMM

This album is probably for sale at 'www.musicstack.com' too.

There are companies that will sell you the album (if they have it) and copy it to a CD. Vinyl Revolution will even include the original album art on the CD.



Posted: 04/09/06 08:36 PM
Author: malkeibro
Location: Dallas
Posts: 2


Does Anyone Have This Song
Thanks Dan, you supplied me with some valuable info...knowing the album name will be a huge help to me...

Aaron From OHWC
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