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Posted: 05/13/09 05:04 PM
Author: ladynaz
Location: New Jersey
Posts: 1


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help!! female singer faith evans look alike
i am looking for a female singer who came out around 1993-1994
the only thing is i cant remeber her name nor the name of the album, but i do rememeber the album cover, and one of her interludes.
on the album cover or at that time cassette cover
she was a light skin female, long blonde weave, sitting on what looked like louie viutton luggage wearing an all white pant suit and white pimp looking hat to match. she had her nails done and they were fairly long. and she resembled faith evans. she had one video that featured a real jerry springer clip. its not "ms jones two way street". in one of the interlude on the cassette she was coming home from tour and heard her man in the bed w/ amother woman. she heard the bed squeaking..went and got her pistol you heard her cock it back and shoot. then it went into another song.

please help very desperate!!!!anything you can think of, her name, or name of song will be greatly appreciated.

Posted: 06/17/09 09:36 PM
Author: msdavine
Location: Georgia
Posts: 3


help!! female singer faith evans look alike
Blu Cantrell.

Aaron From OHWC
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