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Posted: 04/18/09 12:13 PM
Author: electra5me
Location: USA
Posts: 6


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Name the Song Title and Artist
I feel like such an idiot because I love this song, but I barely know the lyrics - to the hook!!! I don't hear it that often, and when I do, they never announce the name of the song or the artist. There's a lot of (I think), "And, I said oh oh..." "And, she said..." It kind of sounds like Hootie a joint, but it's not. Help! I have to get this song...

Posted: 05/31/09 02:12 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Name the Song Title and Artist

Alan O'Day - Undercover Angel {1977}

Click to hear



Aaron From OHWC
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