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Posted: 03/05/06 06:23 PM
Author: andryce76
Location: usa
Posts: 7


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the girlz
there was a three member girl group that caame out in the late 90's i think they had a song called jam if you can . and a slow song that i used to like. my sister says there was no such group because if there was she would remember them because we are twins

Posted: 03/05/06 07:16 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


the girlz

Artist: The Gyrlz

CD: Love Me or Leave Me

Year: 1988

Label: Capital (CDP 7 90766 2)

Track Listing:

1 Think You Know Me
2 If It's Games You're Playing
3 Love Stories
4 Do You Want Me
5 Love Me Or Leave Me
6 Wishing You Were Here
7 It's All Because Of You
8 It's Over
9 Jam Jam (If You Can)

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Posted: 03/05/06 09:48 PM
Author: andryce76
Location: usa
Posts: 7


the girlz
boy youre good i meant to say the late 80's thankyou

Aaron From OHWC
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