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Posted: 02/08/05 11:26 PM
Author: Jonser
Location: USA
Posts: 4


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Need help with an 80's rockin tune!!!
I believe it is from the early to mid 80's, someone said it was either rapid or rabbit but I can't find this tune by either.The lyrics start out.... "Something's going on here, something I don't understand, It's not the way I am, the way I like to be.."

Then the chorus... "Anyway, Anytime, Gonna make you mine"

If anyone knows that would be great, thanks

Posted: 02/09/05 11:41 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Need help with an 80's rockin tune!!!
Subject: RE: Need help naming a rockin tune!!!!!
Date: 02-09-2005
Author: Steve

Anyway, Anytime by Wrabit. Album name is Wrough & Wready.


Here are some links to find your music - Dan



Try Ebay too

Aaron From OHWC
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