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Posted: 12/08/04 11:59 PM
Author: Cheryl Longwith
Location: California
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Song from the 70's--driving me crazy
I am looking for a song that was popular in San Antonio, Texas in 1979. I have sent messages to the DJs from that area and most agree the song is "A Private Affair" but a one hit wonder called "GARFIELD". I need help in finding a copy of this song so I can rest. I have searced in vain for 25 yrs;HELP. The lyrics I remember are "Ain't no sense to bitch about it cause we all know what's gone wrong, late at night when you're in your bed, the bad don't seem so wrong"... It was a slow, sad, love song, nothing wild or similar to today's alternative rock. HELPPPPPPP

Posted: 12/09/04 12:22 AM
Author: Danno (Moderator)
Location: Mid Continent
Posts: 141


Song from the 70's--driving me crazy
Here are the lyrics I can find.


Some band Background info:

I searched amazon and ebay and had no luck finding and recordings.

Posted: 12/12/04 09:59 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Song from the 70's--driving me crazy
www.gemm.com has a NEW LP for sale from 1977

GARFIELD OUT THERE TONIGHT. LP USA NEW Capricorn, 1977, CPN 0193. EX/EX $15.98



www.recordrama.com probably has a copy of that LP and they can burn a CD for you.

Posted: 02/24/09 09:10 AM
Author: irvinstill
Location: San Antonio
Posts: 1


Song from the 70's--driving me crazy
A friend of mine lives and works in San Antonio. He has a copy of the CD with song you are looking for. A private affair by Garfield.
Posted: 10/08/09 09:50 PM
Author: cgigod
Location: houston
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Song from the 70's--driving me crazy
I went crazy trying to find the name..here is the video of this song "Garfield - Private Affair"


Aaron From OHWC
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