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Posted: 01/10/06 07:13 PM
Author: Cenergy
Location: Georgia
Posts: 3


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4 by four....Where are they now?
I love this group and their hit song "Come Over". What ever happened to these guys? Did any of them remain in the music industry? I just want to know since I am one of their biggest fans. I only got to see them once in concert and that was back in 1987 during the Fat Boys Wipeout Tour I instantly fell in love with Steve Gray(The Pisces)Damen & Lance Heyward,and Jeraude Jackson was all loved too, But Steve stole my heart. ;-)

Posted: 03/22/07 02:28 PM
Author: MiiND GaMeZz
Location: Brooklyn USA
Posts: 62


4 by four....Where are they now?
I'm not exactly sure where 4 by Four are now, but I do have a few songs by them including my favorite one, "Come Over". If u don't have it, but wan't it, just let me know & I'll send it to you. U can email me at [email protected] or add me & I can send it to u through a instant message, I'll drag and drop it which I prefer. Anyways, let me know if u want it. ~1~

[email protected]
Posted: 04/24/07 11:52 PM
Author: rglm
Location: TX
Posts: 1


4 by four....Where are they now?
Can you please send us a copy of "Come Over". Are maybe tells us where we can get it. We have looked everywhere for it.
[email protected]

Thank you.

Aaron From OHWC
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