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Posted: 12/27/05 11:11 PM
Author: olivar
Location: Georgia
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Millini Khan
Does anyone know the name of the group with Millini Khan in it? It was a group with three or four girls in it. I'm looking for the group with Chaka Khan's daughter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted: 12/28/05 08:38 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Millini Khan

Artist: Pretty In Pink (member: Indira Milini Khan)

CD: Wake Up

Year: 1991

This multi-racial quartet (3 black members, 1 white member and one Asian member) scored in 1991 with ?It?s All About You (It?s Not About Me).? produced by new jack pioneer Gene Griffin. This new jack group's songwriting and vocals were produced by Indira Milini Khan, daughter of the legendary Chaka Khan. The other members of this quintet were Taniya Robinson, Tameika Chaney, Maurissa Tancharoen, and Shey Sperry.

Their debut album Wake Up was released on Motown Records, executive produced by Jheryl Busby. One of their other singles was called "Dreams" produced by Allen Savory, in the vein of "This House" or "Imagine" by Tracie Spencer. However, their success was very short-lived due to lack of promotion and the group disbanded shortly thereafter.

Years after her brief stardom, Milini Khan, now a grown woman, continues to do songwriting and recording in the hopes of releasing her own solo album. She also helps her famous mother run her record label.

Substantial portions of this bio (and pic) submitted to Njs4ever by Andrew6273.

The CD is available at Amazon.com


Aaron From OHWC
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