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Posted: 10/19/05 07:39 PM
Author: allmem
Location: New York City
Posts: 2


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Help plz
There is this song I dont remember if it is called " I dont want to be the one", and i think the groups name if TFC, not to sure but the tyrics to the song goes like this.
"When your in danger like a stranger, oh no no no no no, I dont want to be the one, your days are gone its time to move on"

Posted: 10/19/05 11:32 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Help plz

Could it be this song?

Artist: T.C.F. CREW

Song: I Ain't The One {1993}

CD: Come And Play With Me

Track Listing:

Go To the Horse's Mouth
I Ain't the One
There Will Never Be
Get Your Shh Right
You Fill Me Up
Condoments (Safe Sex)
Hardest Working Lover
I Care
The Mall
Body Come True
Come Into My Love
Ooh Baby Baby
WTCF (Hit Radio)
Play Me

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Aaron From OHWC
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