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Posted: 10/16/05 01:09 AM
Author: Searchingforyears
Location: MI
Posts: 2


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Searching for a song/artist
All I can say is I think the name of the song is Kristina or Christina. I remember it when I was a kid, the year was around 1976 or 77. The only lyrics I remember are...

Kristina, you make me feel so (lonely or happy, I can't remember)

It was a slow ballad like song. For years it has gone through my head, but I just don't know anything else. Please help!!!

Posted: 10/16/05 11:28 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Searching for a song/artist

Is this a pop song or R&B?

Flying Burrito Brothers - Christine {1969}

Terry Jacks - Christina {1975} ?????

Morris Albert - Christine {1975}

John Handy - Christina's Little Song {1977}

Terry Jacks, who sang in what Peter Goddard described as a 'feathery, almost adolescent voice,' (Toronto Star, 7 Oct 1974), released several singles under his own label, Goldfish. One, 'Seasons in the Sun' (1973), his English adaptation of the Jacques Brel song 'Le Moribond,' sold more than 10 million copies worldwide and brought Jacks the Juno awards for 1973 as male vocalist and for contemporary and pop single of the year. Among his Canadian hits were 'I'm Gonna Love You Too' (1973), 'Rock and Roll (I Gave the Best Years of My Life)' (1974) and 'Christina' (1975). Although Jacks was only intermittently active in music in later years - eg, he recorded two LPs in the 1980s and produced a new version of 'Where Evil Grows' by D.O.A. in 1989 - the extent of his success to 1975 ensured his place in Canadian pop music history.


Terry Jacks & his wife were part of the Canadian group " The Poppy Family". "Which Way You Goin Billy" was a big hit for The Poppy Family. Terry had a big hit in 1974 called "Seasons In The Sun"

I found an ultra rare CD that includes the song "Christina"

Click Here

You can also find the above records at www.gemm.com, www.musicstack.com and probably ebay too.

I noticed that there are lots of "Christina" 45s by Terry Jacks. I think the song could either be by Terry Jacks or John Handy, based on the year. I would suggest checking out Terry Jacks first.

Above album for sale on ebayClick Here

I found a person on ebay selling the sheet music for "Christina" by Terry Jacks. I asked the person to check your lyrics.

Terry Jacks Discography


Canadian Charts For June 1975

Chart #959 - Saturday, June 7, 1975

Rank Song Title Artist

1. Wildfire Michael Murphy
2. Old Days Chicago
3. When Will I Be Loved Linda Ronstadt
4. Thank God I'm A Country Boy John Denver
5. Bad Time Grand Funk Railroad
6. Sister Golden Hair America
7. Hey You Bachman-Turner Overdrive
8. Love Will Keep Us Together The Captain & Tennille
9. Jackie Blue Ozark Mountain Daredevils
10. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me) The Doobie Brothers
11. Only Women Alice Cooper
12. Pinball Wizard Elton John
13. He Don't Love You (Like I Love You) Dawn
14. Come On Over Chilliwack
15. The Hustle Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony
16. Rock And Roll Lullabye B.J. Thomas
16. (Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song B.J. Thomas
17. Hit The Road Jack The Stampeders
18. Bad Luck Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
19. It's A Miracle Barry Manilow
20. Magic Pilot
21. Listen To What The Man Said Wings
22. Christina Terry Jacks
23. Shinning Star Earth, Wind & Fire
24. Philadelphia Freedom Elton John
25. Only Yesterday The Carpenters
26. I'm Not Lisa Jesse Colter
27. What An Animal Fludd
28. Oowatanite April Wine
29. How Long Ace
30. Disco Queen Copper Penny

Posted: 10/18/05 05:39 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Searching for a song/artist
I emailed a person on ebay that is selling the sheet music to Terry Jacks song "Christina". The seller was kind of enough to scan in the first sheet with some of the lyrics. Here are the lyrics from the beginning of the song...

Christina can make you feel so groovy
Christina will make you almost burn
But Christina
can only try and fool ya
Cause you know
Christina...(lyrics continued on page 2)

Christina moving like a river
Christina can never turn around
And Christina
well, no one comes to see ya
Cause you know
Christina...(lyrics continued on page 2)

Christina if I could stop that river
Christina if I could let you know
Christina I've got that something for ya
And you know
I...(lyrics continued on page 2)


Posted: 10/19/05 10:25 PM
Author: superhooperduty
Location: canada
Posts: 50


Searching for a song/artist
hey dan, do you know the name of the vancouver based(i think) group that terry jacks produced for? i think it was "spring". if i'm not mistaken they had a song called " country boy named willie"
Posted: 10/19/05 11:03 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Searching for a song/artist

Led by smooth-as-silk guitarist Terry Frewer, this Vancouver, BC quartet scored a huge local hit in 1971 with "A Country Boy Named Willy" (b/w "Pressed Ham," London M-17401). Other group members were Bob Buckley (vocals, keyboard, sax, woodwinds); Pete McKinnon (bass); and Kat Hendrikse (drums). Spring's first recording, "Bring Yourself Down To Earth, Lovin' Blues Baby," was described by Vancouver deejay Michael Willmore as "a tasty funk rock number." It appeared on a various artists' charity compilation, the Cool Aid Benefit Album (Arthfor Special Products 4001D; 1969). "As Feelings Go," the group's debut single (Coast 1970), was felt by all concerned to be an inferior remake. The highly-regarded first master was lost when someone hit the wrong button during a replay session Promo copies of Spring's second 45, "It's A New Day" (Coast 1971), went out, but the single was withdrawn due to general disinterest. A rare-as-hens'-teeth EP was cut for CBC Radio Canada, but it was "A Country Boy Named Willy" which endeared Spring to fans in the Canadian West. There is something of the Hollies' "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress" in "Willy," with hints of the Small Faces and the countrified Byrds as well. Frewer's crisp, clean style is definitely to be admired. Progressive musicians, Spring actually performed in concert with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra-their show entitled, "Son Of Zonk." The wider recognition the band craved never materialized. Failing to secure a hoped-for album deal, Spring-disenchanted with drunken audiences and harrowing winter touring conditions-called it quits. "As Feelings Go" and "It's A New Day" resurfaced on the History Of Vancouver Rock, Volume 3 (Vancouver Record Collectors' Association VRCA 001, 1983); while "A Country Boy Named Willy" was reissued on the History Of Vancouver Rock, Volume 4 (Vancouver Record Collectors' Association VRCA 004, 1991).

- Stansted Montfichet, All Music Guide

Here's the 45 record...


Click Here

The History Of Vancouver Rock And Roll #4

Side 1

1 The Northwest Company - Hard To Cry

2 The Northwest Company - Get Away From It All

3 The Northwest Company - Eight Hour Day

4 William Tell & The Marksmen - Mary Jane

5 The Shockers - Love Is A Beautiful Thing

6 The Eternal Triangle - My New Love

7 Long Time Comin' - Paper Rose

8 Long Time Comin' - Part Of The Season

Side 2

1 The One Way Street - Listen To Me

2 The One Way Street - Tears

3 Mock Duck - Do Re Mi

4 The Look - In A Whirl

5 The Collectors - Eyes

6 The Collectors - Don't Feel Bad

7 Silver Chalice Revue - Soul Drifting

8 Spring - Country Boy Named Willy

Click Here

Available on CDR

Click Here

Posted: 10/19/05 11:38 PM
Author: superhooperduty
Location: canada
Posts: 50


Searching for a song/artist
thanks dan!
Posted: 10/21/05 01:54 AM
Author: Searchingforyears
Location: MI
Posts: 2


Searching for a song/artist
Dan...thank you so much. I do believe this is the song I was looking for!! I'm glad it wasn't a figment of my imagination.

Aaron From OHWC
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