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Posted: 08/14/05 09:55 PM
Author: way789
Location: usa
Posts: 2


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trying to find the artist/title of a song
this song was on the radio during the late mid-90's i believe. maybe 96-97ish. anyways, i can remember how the song goes, but really none of the actual lyrics.
the chorus went like this (pitch of "doo"s below):
doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo
(high) (high) (low) (high) (high) (low) (high)
doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo
(high) (high) (low) (high) (high) (low) (lower)

two times of those two lines.
the tempo of the song was really slow and melow, and if i had to compare the guys voice to something it'd be jeff beck. the verses are about 8 lines long, sang by the lead singer alone, then the "doo" chorus follows.
but there is another singer in the song. at one part it switches to a gospel-sounding older black male singing. his part sounds like this to me:
lift me up, far away,
lift me up, lift me up, far away
then two more lines i cant make out as well. then those four lines repeated a couple times. but all the time with the same beat in the background.

please help me cause ive really been trying to find this song for years (and im only 17, pretty sad i cant remember more of the song). i would appreciate any help immensly.

Posted: 08/15/05 10:59 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


trying to find the artist/title of a song
I don't know the song...you mentioned Gospel sounding so check this out...

Artist: Connie & Junior (Connie Harvey & Junior Vasquez)

Song: Lift Me Up

Year: 1996

"Connie Harvey has always been dedicated to Gospel music and praising the Lord through her singing. At the same time, her soulful-yet-gritty vocals make her equally suited to House music. Harvey has found House music success in projects with the likes of Suzanne Palmer (?Muscles?), Junior Vasquez (?Lift Me Up?), The Keith Thompson Project (?The Rhythm of Life?) and B.O.P. (?Your Sun Is Going To Shine?). But these releases only tell her most recent chapters."


Click here for song clip

Posted: 08/15/05 10:21 PM
Author: way789
Location: usa
Posts: 2


trying to find the artist/title of a song
thanks a lot for the help man, unfortunately that wasnt it. the song im thinking of has a really slow melow beat to it.

Aaron From OHWC
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