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Posted: 07/05/05 10:11 AM
Author: Raven
Location: USA
Posts: 94


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looking for song
Hello everyone-

I'd appreciate your help tracking down a song for someone. This is the info I have:

heard this when I was in high school but I cant remember what the title is
or who wrote it, I only remember a few lines, but it was sung in the early
70s.It might have been c/w , but it went " It could have been me, it could
have been me, but Judy got him how lucky could one girl be, it could have
been me, it could have been me, how lucky could one girl be ,it could have
been me. A couple of months after school the boy ran away, got a job or
joined the service Judy never really did say she really felt bad she was so
broken up over him, Judy had two april showers a mother of twins.. and the
stanza repeats again. Iv been haunted by this song allong time, any help
would be great.. " This person then narrowed the time to '69 - '72. Said it was a female, sort of country and western type feel and possibly a novelty song.


Posted: 07/10/05 11:25 AM
Author: Raven
Location: USA
Posts: 94


looking for song

Thanks - but that is the same song that Sami Jo sang. It took me a while to find a site with the lyrics, but it turned out to be the same one.

I really appreciate your help though.

Posted: 07/10/05 04:57 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


looking for song
Could it be this song????

Artist: Billie Jo Spears

Song: It Could'a Been Me

Year: 1972

"Woodward wrote two national Top 10 country music songs, It Could Have Been Me in 1972 and Marty Gray (1970), both sung by Billie Jo Spears. That led him to a career in Nashville writing songs and advertising jingles."


Billie Jo Spears - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry {CD}


Posted: 07/10/05 07:28 PM
Author: Raven
Location: USA
Posts: 94


looking for song
hmm - It just might be! Thanks. I haven't been able to locate lyrics - yet... but I'll keep looking. I tried a few variations - but "could'a" wasn't one of them.

Great job - thanks for your help!

Aaron From OHWC
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