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Posted: 01/13/05 12:20 AM
Author: Suz
Location: Vancouver Canada
Posts: 8


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Donnie Gerard...solo artist from 70's band 'Skylark'
Anyone have an idea how or where I can find Donnie's music
or current info on this artist?? tks! Suz

Posted: 01/13/05 12:37 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Donnie Gerard...solo artist from 70's band 'Skylark'

I see you've been looking since September 11, 2002 according to your review of Skylark on Amazon.com

The correct spelling of his name is "Donny Gerrard"


Donny Gerrard's Records for sale at www.gemm.com


Donny Gerrard's cds for sale at Amazon.com


Donny Gerrard

On the Californian Greedy label, Donny Gerrard recorded several disco items including the disco-funk classic "Greedy (for your love)" in 1976. This is a much sought after and very rare 12" single. Much played in UK northern disco's was the catchy and more soulful disco track "He's always somewhere around". Look out for the LP!

Greedy (for your love) / Stand up (Greedy 12" DGD-107, 1976)

Donny Gerrard (Greedy LP, 1976)

Words (Greedy, 1976)
Greedy (for your love) (Greedy, 1976)
Stay awhile with me (Greedy, 1976)
He's always somewhere around (Greedy, 1976)

MUSIC VIDEO: Donny Gerrard : Baby I?m Yours

note: for some reason it keeps cutting me off after 10 seconds.


Donny Gerrard -Vocals on Bob Seger's album "Like A Rock" 1986


December 15, 2003

Comic Legend Robert Klein Joins RPO with Jeff Tyzik

Skylark vocalist Donny Gerrard performs with orchestra for first half of concert

Rochester, NY; Dec. 15, 2003 ? Grammy-nominated comic legend Robert Klein joins Principal Pops Conductor Jeff Tyzik and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra for two performances, Friday, January 2 and Saturday, January 3 at 8 p.m. at the Eastman Theatre. During the first half of the concert the Orchestra will be joined by vocalist Donny Gerrard, lead singer on Skylark?s ?70s hit Wildflower.

Tickets for this performance are $20-$50, available from the RPO Box Office, online at www.rpo.org and at all Wegmans Video Departments. The WPOP Series is sponsored by Wegmans. This concert is made possible with additional support from Jay Advertising and The Studios at Linden Oaks.

Mr. Klein finds humor in topics ranging from the pitfalls of aging to current events and political correctness. His stand-up material is interspersed with witty songs in a variety of styles including doo-wop, blues, gospel, and rock and roll. A love ballad quickly becomes hilarious as he draws on the heartfelt lyrics of pop music to describe a medical procedure.

In 1965, Robert Klein was chosen as a member of the famed Second City improvisation troupe in Chicago. This led to numerous roles on Broadway earning him a Tony nomination in 1978 for his role in They're Playing Our Song. Mr. Klein?s movie roles include Primary Colors, Two Weeks Notice, Labor Pains, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, One Fine Day and Hooper. Klein has guest starred on hit television series including Murder She Wrote, Fraser, Law and Order, Grace Under Fire, Mad About You, Sisters, The King of Queens and Family Ties. He also appears regularly on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Conan O?Brien and has also hosted Saturday Night Live twice.

In the late 1970s, as a shy teenager, Donny Gerrard sang the lead vocal on a song called Wildflower. The group was Skylark and the record hit Top Three nationwide. Donny Gerrard?s vocals have since graced major TV and movie compositions. He has toured with Elton John, Neil Diamond and David Foster and is known in music circles as ?The Voice.? He has been called this generation?s Nat King Cole or Johnny Mathis. Mr. Gerrard has also sung jingles for Wegmans and recorded on Jeff Tyzik?s album Jammin in Manhattan. Mr. Gerrard?s latest album, The Romantic, features famed drummer Steve Gadd, bassist Jimmy Johnson of James Taylor fame and mastering engineer Mick Guzauski.

Now in its 81st season, the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra?s mission is to perform and present a broad range of quality music; attract, entertain and educate audiences with superior musical performances; maintain and build the Orchestra?s national reputation; and enhance the reputation of the Rochester community as a place in which to live, work, play, visit and learn.

RPO performances are made possible in part with grants from the National Endowment for the Arts; the New York State Council on the Arts, a State Agency; the State of New York; the County of Monroe; the City of Rochester; and American Airlines, the official airline of the RPO.

Friday, January 14 & Saturday, January 15, 2005 at 8 p.m.; Marvin Hamlisch, conductor and piano


JUNE 11, 2001

WILDFLOWER 2000: Here we go again. The publicity is calling him "the new Nat King Cole" or "this generation's Johnny Mathis". Whose generation, I wonder?! This guy's OLD! His name is Donny Gerrard, and he was the lead singer to the 70's Canadian group Skylark, which also spawned the career of record producer and Mathis friend David Foster. His 1999 CD, The Romantic, contains several classic songs, including a couple that were made famous by the great Nat Cole, and there's even one attempt at a Mathis classic, "That's All". I've sampled some of the downloadable snippets, including a re-make of "Wildflower", and conclude that it's a very good album. While he's no Mathis by any stretch, Donny Gerrard still has the rich, powerful voice that made "Wildflower" a hit in 1972.

Who can ever forget Johnny Mathis' own hauntingly beautiful rendition of "Wildflower" on that most classic LP, Killing Me Softly With Her Song. It's hard to describe how much I love that special album. Of course, I was unaware of it when it first was released, but it remains one of my greatest discoveries after I had grown up. That album sends chills to this day. Why it has not been digitized and re-released is one of life's eternal mysteries.

ON WITH THE SHOW: Mathis performs Thursday, June 14th with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra at the AmSouth Amphitheatre in the Nashville suburb of Antioch, Tennessee. This is apparently part of their "Legends of Music" series.

Tickets are on sale for the shows at the Silver Legacy Casino in Reno, Nevada. Prices are $50, $44, and $30; call (800) 687-8733 for details or use the online form.


Bands of the Great Pacific Northwest

Victoria/Vancouver, British Columbia
1971 ~ 1973


B.J. Cook ~ Vocals
Doug Edwards ~ Guitar
David Foster ~ Keyboards
Donny Gerrard ~ Vocals
Carl Graves ~ Percussion
Brian Hilton ~ Drums
Duris Maxwell ~ Drums
Norm MacPherson ~ Guitar
Steven Pugsley ~ Bass

Original members of Skylark were David Foster, Steve Pugsley, Duris Maxwell, Doug Edwards, Donny Gerrard, Carl Graves, and B.J.Cook. Four of us were from Victoria, the rest from Vancouver. There were several other people who intermittently came and went, but nothing was a good as the original group.

It still blows my mind that there are people who don't know who Foster is, or what he's accomplished in the music industry. Today, besides being one of most successful producers in the world, he is vice president of Warner music! David Foster and I were married for 10 years. We had a daughter who turned to be an incredible writer. She has a song on Josh Grobans CD and is moving to Nashville, the only place left where they nurture singers and writers.

I left Vancouver and Foster and I joined up with Ronnie Hawkins and became Hawks in 1970. Foster is producing Josh Groban's new CD. I just did a huge concert with The Hawk a couple of months ago at Casinorama... and the beat goes on!
B.J. Cook, August 2003

{Picture, Sound & Band Information}


"Many of the band's members later began solo careers: vocalist Donny Gerard recorded several singles in the mid-'70s including "Words Are Impossible" (1976) plus backing vocals jobs for Elton John, John Fogerty and Donna Summer;"

{The above paragraph is an excerpt from the link below}


Donovan Sessiongraphy

A Well Known Has-been {s}
vocal and acoustic guitar - Donovan
vocal back-up - B.J. Cook, Donny Gerrard,

{above information is excerpt from Donovan's page}


Posted: 01/13/05 12:52 AM
Author: Suz
Location: Vancouver Canada
Posts: 8


Donnie Gerard...solo artist from 70's band 'Skylark'
Dan, thks much! I have trying to find info on him for Soooo
long! thanks! Suzie
Posted: 01/13/05 01:34 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Donnie Gerard...solo artist from 70's band 'Skylark'
Is there anything that Donny hasn't done? lol...


Donny Gerrard

The Little Mermaid ~ Additional Voice


November 2004

Interview with Dave Richardson (Skylark's "Wildflower")

Skylark was David Foster's first band, based in Canada. They had in 1972 a huge success with the single "Wildflower", which has been in the Top 40 BillBoard chart.
DavidFoster.net is glad to present you an exclusive interview with lyricist Dave Richardson who tell us the story of the song and some interesting episodes related to David and the band.

Q. How did you and David Foster became friends?

A. David Foster and I became close friends in 1967 when he was 17 and I was 25. He was playing piano in a night club ("The Old Forge") here in Victoria. I was a cop with the Saanich Police Department (Saanich is a municipality in Greater Victoria) and I used to go to the "Forge" quite often. I had been writing songs and poems since I was a child, so we had music in common in our friendship.

Q. "Wildflower" was a Top 40 hit on BillBoard chart with the group Skylark. You wrote the lyrics, how did you got the inspiration ?

A. In 1970 I was dating a nurse, whom I would eventually marry in 1971 (it only lasted four years, though - we were both not ready for such a commitment). One night I went to pick her up at her apartment, as we had planned on going out. When she opened the door I saw that she was upset to the point of tears. She still had a housecoat on and had her hair wrapped in a towel after a shower. She told me that two elderly ladies she had been caring for in the hospital had died that day at work, and she felt terribly sad about it, as she had come to know them fairly well over a period of time. Anyway, she more or less vented her feelings and I just listened. After she was finished, she thanked me for listening, and said she would get ready for our date. She went into the bedroom and closed the door, and I sat and watched TV waiting for her to come out. When she didn't return, I knocked on the door but she didn't answer, so I went in to find her fast asleep on the bed, still in her housecoat and with the towel still wrapped around her head. I guess she was just exhausted after her emotional day. So, I put a blanket over her, being careful not to wake her, and went home and wrote the song in about fifteen minutes or so. It was absolutely inspired. I have always felt that all I did was hold the pen in my hand, and that God did the writing. The "Be careful how you touch her, for she'll awaken" part, refers to when I put the blanket over her. "The way she's always paying, for a debt she never owes..." - It wasn't her fault that the two ladies had died, and yet she felt so badly for them that she was crying.

Q. The song is an evergreen and has been covered by several artists during last years. Do you have still get any feedback from people?

A. Yes. In the years that followed, I have received many, many letters from around the world, saying how the song had changed the lives of so many people. Perhaps the most momentous of these letters was one from here in Victoria, years after the song was a hit. A local woman sent me a letter (addressed to me at the police station), saying that when she was a girl of about 17-18, her life had become more than she could bear and she decided to end it all. She was at a local beach and was waiting for sun to do down and for the people to leave the beach so she could commit suicide by drowning herself. When it got dark, she started walking into the water. She had left her purse and belongings on a blanket in the sand, along with her transistor radio. When she got up to her shoulders in the ocean, she heard from her radio behind her, for the first time in her life, "She's faced the hardest times you could imagine..." She stopped in the water and listened to the entire song, and when it was over she turned around and walked out of the water. At the time that she wrote me the letter to thank me for the song which saved her life, she had grown and was happily married, a mother of either 2 or 3 small children (I forget the number). When I consider the money the song has made, I would have gladly traded every cent of my share for that one letter. Nothing has mattered to me as much as that letter and others like it, where the song has changed so many lives for the better. This is why I really do believe that God, in Whom I truly believe and for Whom I now live every day of my life, inspired me to write that song.

Q. Can you describe us the mood of the recording session? What was David's impact on the arranging of the song?

A. Selflessly, in "Wildflower", although David was the leader of "Skylark" and its keyboard player, "Wildflower" was the one song on the album "Skylark" on which he DIDN'T play at all. David told me that he felt it was better without keyboards; thus, you will hear the haunting guitar of Doug Edwards (with whom I wrote the song - Doug wrote the music). His guitar is intertwined with a harp, which David arranged to get from the L.A. Symphony - the same as the strings, from the same orchestra. Also, all the background vocals you hear are all the same voice, that of lead singer Donny Gerrard, whose wonderful voice has been so identifiable with the song over the years. By the way, the lead guitar throughout the song? Doug had NEVER rehearsed it! The first time ever that he had played it is what you hear on the record. They were in the studio trying to figure out how to start the song, and Doug said, "Let me try something on the guitar..." He more or less started picking away, and, having written the music, went all the way throught the song by himself playing the lead... After over four minutes of doing that, including not playing at times when he could imagine in his mind Donny singing the words, he said to the others, "I like that. Let's record it before I forget what I just played." The engineer said, "It's already recorded." Wisely, he had taped Doug's "practice" instrumental without anyone knowing it. So, the lead guitar you hear in that recording had never been written, never rehearsed whatsover! What you hear in that guitar solo, all the way through the song, was the absolute original. Doug played each note as the idea came to him, AS he was playing it. Again, I believe the entire song was divinely inspired.

Q. Are you still in contact with David?

A. He and I remain close friends to this day. When I go to California, I stay at his place in Malibu, and I see him quite often up here when he visits his family here in Victoria. My younger brother Doug, also a retired Victoria policeman, is currently president of the David Foster Foundation which, as you know, raises money for the families of children who have to have surgery out of the province of British Columbia, here in Canada. That is what David is all about - a completely wonderful, selfless person who does so many things for so many people. I have really cherished his friendship all these years, as I will for the rest of my life.



She's faced the hardest times
you can imagine
and many times her eyes
fought back the tears
and when her youthful world
was about to fall in
each time her slender shoulders
bore the weight of all her fears
and the song that no one hears
still rings in midnight silence
in her ears

Let her cry
for she's a lady
let her dream
for she's a child
let the rain fall down upon her
she's a free and gentle flower
growing wild

And if by chance that I
should hold her
let me hold her
for a time
and if allowed but one possession
I will pick her from the garden
to be mine

Be careful how you touch her
for she'll awaken
for sleep's the only freedom
that she knows
and when you look into her eyes
you won't believe
the way she's always payin'
for a debt she never owes
and the silent wind still blows
that only she can hear
and so she goes

Chorus (repeat)

All rights reserved

(DavidFoster.net - November 2004)

Linda Ronstadt: Winter Light

Personnel: Linda Ronstadt, Aaron Neville (vocals); Dean Parks (guitar, mandolin); Jon Clarke (bass & alto flutes, recorder); Dennis James (glass armonica); Dave Boroff, Plas Johnson (tenor saxophone); Matt Rollings (piano); Robbie Buchanan (piano, synthesizers); Emil Richards (vibraphone); Bob Glaub, Leland Sklar (bass); Russ Kunkel (drums, percussion); Valerie Carter, Alex Brown, Mortonette Jenkins, Marlena Jeter, Arnold McCuller, Donny Gerrard, Josef Powell (background vocals).


Listen and watch David Foster's music

Donny Gerrard & Amy Holland For Just A Moment download


Artist: Brenda Russell (Worked With Donny Gerrard)

Genre: R&B
Styles: Smooth Jazz, Jazz-pop, Adult Contemporary, Singer/Songwriter, Urban, R&B, Disco, Soul

Born Brenda Gordon, Russell is a soul singer, composer, and keyboardist. Her family moved to Toronto when she was 12. Eventually, she and her husband, Brian Russell, hosted the Canadian TV series Music Machine. They moved to Los Angeles in 1973 where they both worked as session musicians. They recorded... more


Artist: Donny Gerrard
Genre: Rock/Pop
Styles: Contemporary R&B, Soft Rock, Soft Rock, Adult Contemporary, Urban

Smooth soul singer Donny Gerrard started his career as the lead singer of the Vancouver-based pop group Skylark, who recorded two albums and had a Top Ten hit with "Wildflower" in 1973 (they also launched the career of pop producer extraordinaire David Foster). After the group broke up, Gerrard embarked... more

{His Songs are listed next to sound clips}


Top 50 Rhythm & Blues, Dance Songs of 2001

23. A Lover's Question..........................................Donny Gerrard


Bette Midler The Rose: The Original Soundtrack Recording


Donny Gerrard: Harmony Vocals


Bette Midler Broken Blossom


Background vocals: Donny Gerrard


Posted: 01/13/05 02:00 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Donnie Gerard...solo artist from 70's band 'Skylark'

11. Jesus on the Main Line Donny Gerrard (2:00)



{Picture of album}












*Bonus Track



St. Elmo's Fire - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Artist: Various Artists
Album: St. Elmo's Fire - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Year: 1985
Label: Atlantic Records

Tracks: 10 Love Them From St. Elmo's Fire (For Just A Moment) (David Foster, Cynthia Weil)

Performed by Donny Gerrard and Amy Holland


{Link below includes a Japanese Import CD called "Cool Sounds"}


Rickie Lee Jones Pop Pop

Donny Gerrard--background vocals on "I Won't Grow Up"


Suzie, The above information should keep you busy for awhile lol

Posted: 01/17/05 01:11 AM
Author: Suz
Location: Vancouver Canada
Posts: 8


Donnie Gerard...solo artist from 70's band 'Skylark'
Dan, I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!! All the info that you
know is unreal! I have been searching for such a long
time! I am just amazed! Thanks so much!
Posted: 01/17/05 01:17 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Donnie Gerard...solo artist from 70's band 'Skylark'

I'm glad you found the information you were looking for!

Dan =)
Posted: 01/17/05 11:00 PM
Author: Suz
Location: Vancouver Canada
Posts: 8


Donnie Gerard...solo artist from 70's band 'Skylark'
Dan, Just curious, how do you know so much about all this stuff?
Do you sing, are you in a band or were you in a band?
You're like a walking talking world book of info!!
tks again!
Posted: 01/17/05 11:12 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Donnie Gerard...solo artist from 70's band 'Skylark'

Do I really have to tell you the truth? lol Ok, guess I'll have to spill the beans. I have reference books by Joel Whitburn (www.recordresearch.com). I checked the spelling of Donny's name because my first Google search pulled up your Amazon review of Skylark as the ONLY information about Donnie Gerard which I thought was odd. Then I fired up Google with the correct spelling. I entered "Donny Gerrard" into the Google box (full name with quotation marks). All the information above is from Google.

If you have a web site or information about yourself on the internet, type your full name into google with quotation marks and you'll be surprised. You can also do that will your email address if it has been posted to message boards.

...and yes I was in a band...High School band lol. I played Alto Saxophone.

Posted: 01/26/05 04:44 PM
Author: Suz
Location: Vancouver Canada
Posts: 8


Donnie Gerard...solo artist from 70's band 'Skylark'
Hi ! Sorry it took so long to get back...
Thanks again for the info! Straight confessions heh?
Anyho, no matter how you got the info I do appreciate it,
cause without you I would still be searching on this crazy
internet! And as for the band, Cool... ya know music!
Just for the record, I was in a rockn'roll band in the early
70's, lead female vocalist up here in good ol'Canad'er!
Posted: 01/26/05 05:36 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Donnie Gerard...solo artist from 70's band 'Skylark'

You're not gonna leave me hangin are you? lol

What band? I would love to know.

I better fire up Google...let's see, Suzie, Canadian 70's Rock Band...


A singer-songwriter with great depth and versatility, her debut album, "Angel In The Sidelines" met with enthusiastic reviews, tagging Suzie as "one to watch" on the Canadian music scene. Born in Saskatoon, Suzie is currently working from her home base in Toronto. Suzie has shared the stage with some great acts including Jimmie Vaughan, J.J. Cale, Ani Difranco, Moxy Fruvous, Colin James, Sue Medley, Jonathon Richman, Koko Taylor and Lynn Miles.

Although Suzie and the blues had been good to one another, she'd never seen herself primarily as a blues artist. Suzie's musical tastes and influences have ranged from her early love of Heart, Supertramp and Rickie Lee Jones, to her current admiration for performers such as Shawn Colvin, John Hiatt and Sting. A new album is in the works and marks a new focus in direction for Suzie. Where "Angel" explores many musical genres, her current writing keeps to a more contemporary style.


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Aaron From OHWC
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