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Posted: 09/25/08 07:50 PM
Author: jezebel
Location: virginia
Posts: 40


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who's the artists
I guess I will post this everyday until I find it but the song is titled "tell me why" but I don't know who the artist is? could i get some help? all i need is the rnb's artist name. this has a slow like tempo and I need the artist name?

?tell me why I can?t get over you, no matter how hard I try? I can?t get over youuuu (repeated). I just don?t understand why, why we had to say goodbye, I guess I?ll never know, I thought you?d always be with me until eternity. You threw our love away, but I got one thing to say, remember what goes around comes around. at the end chorus ? ? when at first you said goodbye, all that I could do was cry, I reminisce on the love we had the good times and the bad, but now that you are gone I must move on aint no matter how hard I try I just can?t get you outta my mind?

Aaron From OHWC
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