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Posted: 09/23/08 10:51 AM
Author: Lady Lonna
Location: USA
Posts: 28


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Who Sings This 80's R&B Song "Stay"?
I know the lyrics but can't remember who sings the song. Please someone help, before my brain disintegrates. The song is a slow groove and is by a male singer with a high pitch voice with lots of horns playing in the background. The lyrics go a little something like this.

Look at me now
I'm wondering how
Your concept of love came to be
Holding me tightly, stroking me lightly
This is love.
Your touch so gentle
Your so sentimental
About the little things that I do
And you're okay,
In every way
I hope you'll stay with me.

Please write in if you know this song, Thanks!

Posted: 09/23/08 11:41 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Who Sings This 80's R&B Song ''Stay''?
Artist: Windjammer

Song: Stay

Album Title: Windjammer

Year: 1982

Click here for song clip link



Posted: 05/25/10 11:40 AM
Author: byhen
Location: Metairie, LA.
Posts: 3


Who Sings This 80's R&B Song ''Stay''?
Anyone looking for this song can find it at this link:


Aaron From OHWC
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