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Posted: 09/07/08 01:28 AM
Author: soap68
Location: Alabama, USA
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"Ooh, so bad. You're nothing but a bad boy..."
I've been trying to find a song that was out in the mid 80's and I think it's called "Bad Boy" or "So Bad". It was made by a female group (R&B) and I a certain that they used synthesizers. The group sounds like the Mary Jane Girls or similar groups. It's not the MJGirls. Lyrics: "Ooh, so bad. You're nothin but a bad boy. Ooh ya make me mad cause ya nothin but a bad boy (ooh so bad, so bad, hooo---oo!). Can someone please help me out?

Posted: 09/07/08 08:12 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


''Ooh, so bad. You're nothing but a bad boy...''

Artist: Juicy

Song: Bad Boy

Album: It Takes Two

Year: 1985

Track Listing:

1. Bad Boy
2. It Takes Two
3. Love Is Good Enough
4. Slow Dancing
5. Nobody But You
6. Sugar Free
7. Stay With Me
8. Forever And Ever

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Aaron From OHWC
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