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Posted: 08/25/08 02:30 PM
Author: scotch79
Location: brooklyn
Posts: 11


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lost song
please i have been looking for this song over 25 years--- anybody? I used to run home from school to catch it on the radio

if you can name the artist,, please?
Fire like smoke I remember when our hearts were restless and bored shining moment in the sun
when we were young,Drawing you near

we were much too young to know the meaning of fear

Feel that longing for you again tell me it's not the end?

I'd run as swiftly as the wind

if love was waiting somewhere for me

Fire in my eyes, waiting to call you up my body trembles inside

You know after all these years, again you're so near

chances that I take, just to hear your voice

Has it really been that long

Since you've been gone

I?d run as swiftly as the wind, if love was waiting somewhere for me??.

Posted: 08/25/08 04:20 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


lost song
Artist: Sergio Mendes

Song Title: Love Is Waiting

Album Title: Sergio Mendes

Year: 1983


Click to hear 'Love Is Waiting'



Aaron From OHWC
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