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Posted: 05/11/05 10:16 PM
Author: pimpysnaps
Location: usa
Posts: 14


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Can anyone help me?
Hey everyone,

Can anyone help me with this song or group? There is a girl group from the 90's (94-96 i'm thinking)and i think the music would be considered pop or r&b. They had a video and all i can remember is the girls driving in a convertable singing the song. The only significant thing i can remember about the song is that the chorus was set to LL Cool J's song "Loungin'(the Who Do You Love Remix with Total)The words "...who do you love, are u sure?" may be a little different..something about a car...are u sure. Can anyone help me? No one seems to know what i am talking about!!!

Posted: 05/14/05 09:49 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Can anyone help me?

Shades - Tell Me

Click to hear

Original Release Date: July 15, 1997

'LL Cool J' and 'Shades' take their samples from -> Bernard Wright - Who Do You Love

CD is available at Amazon.com...

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Aaron From OHWC
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