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Posted: 05/19/08 11:54 PM
Author: General_00
Location: Houston
Posts: 3


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Virtually Impossible
There was a R&B song in the late 70's/early 80's. I think the name of the song is Between the Lines. Soft melody. The man goes into a falsetto at the end. Here are the lyrics to the chorus as best as I can remember:

But truth gets lost in games of love/ Who did what to whom and why? yeaah/ tangled in a web of trite arguments/ who spoke the words better than most?/ was it you?/was it I?/

I want your love/ I need your love/to feel this constant same desire my friend yeaah/ but the game has started and rules are set/ i have no choice but to play/ if you could just read between the lines

If you've EVER had a song you just couldnt find and no one else could even remember it, you know how I feel! So PLEASE HELP!! Thanks.

Posted: 08/27/08 08:55 AM
Author: Russ
Location: Houston
Posts: 1


Virtually Impossible
You may want to call the radio station Majic 102 in Houston,TX two people in particular may be able to help you Marco Spoon, and Candi Eastman. "Mr Myron Anderson" at KTSU does an oldies show also and may be of some help also.
Posted: 08/27/08 10:03 AM
Author: General_00
Location: Houston
Posts: 3


Virtually Impossible
I've asked numerous old school DJs including Funky Larry. I saw Candi all summer at the Party on the Plaza series but it didnt cross my mind. I havent seen Myron in years but I think I can still get in touch with him. I'm afraid it was a "local" hit and that's why not too many people remember it. Thanks for the suggestion.
Posted: 08/27/08 05:12 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Virtually Impossible

If your song has the following lyrics...

If you could read between the lines
you'd see what I am trying to say
Between the lines
you'd see the games that I played
the things that's so hard to say
whenever we're face to face

Artist: Howard Kenney

Song: Between The Lines

Album: Super Star

Year: 1978

Click here

If you would like this record converted to CD including the original album art, contact Vic Ferri at [email protected]



Aaron From OHWC
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