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Posted: 04/09/08 01:44 PM
Author: bitihal
Location: amsterdam
Posts: 7


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In the mid?90's a ballad/duet came out and I've been looking for years now but can't seem to find it!!! It's driving me nuts!

The end of the first vers goes:
"I could never, be the friend that you need,
because I love you to much, need you too much
It hurts so bad and now I now that
There will be no sunshine I can't get you out of my mind,
(all this?) pain has got me spinning round, I guess I'm going down. (x2)
2nd VERSE;
Speaking of rainy days my friend, starting the night you left my bed, it took some time to (......) didn't it baby?
Counting the seconds, that led to minutes, counting the hours that led to days!
I finally made it through, I'm finally over you, my baby

That's it...sigh..

I googled it so many times,but I got nothing. Please help me!

Aaron From OHWC
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