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Posted: 03/18/08 01:33 AM
Author: amfla
Location: Florida
Posts: 5


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Dion? 60's?
lyric includes.....I'll find somebody new and get over you........someday you're gonna realize that I was the one then you'll be crying while I'm having fun

Posted: 03/29/08 01:53 PM
Author: Mike Dennis
Location: Belgium
Posts: 131


Dion? 60's?

Dion - Havin' Fun ('61)

Life is so strange
With it's up and downs
And today's hero
May be tomorrow's clown

Friends keep on telling me
That I'm a fool to be
So in love while
You're just having fun

I'll spend each lonely night
Longing to hold you tight
Morning finds me
Crying to the sun

But I'll find somebody new
And I'll get over you
Then my broken heart
Will hurt no more

Someday you'll realize
I was the one
Then you'll be crying

While I'm having fun

You know
Someday you're gonna realize
That I was the one
Then you'll be crying
While I'm having fun

Have fun,

Mike Dennis

Aaron From OHWC
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