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Posted: 03/10/08 12:59 AM
Author: neqquah
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Posts: 63


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Pretty big early 90s R&B/Dance hit
I think it was 1991. It was by a female singer and the only part of the song I can remember is her singing something that sounded like "dah dum deeeee, dah dum diiiii, dah dum deeeee, dah dum diiii" at the beginning of the song.

Please help!

Posted: 03/11/08 12:58 AM
Author: Wonnie
Location: Las Vegas Nevada
Posts: 12


Pretty big early 90s R&B/Dance hit
The song is by Crystal Waters called Gyspy Woman (she's homeless).type her name in you tube and you will be able to watch the video.

Aaron From OHWC
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