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Posted: 10/13/07 01:25 AM
Author: lmroth
Location: New Orleans
Posts: 5


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Can any one help!!!! Please
Looking for a song by a girl group. I Can't remember the name of the group or the name of the songs. These are the lyrics

I want to be where the boys are but I?m not allowed
I wait outside of the boys? bar I wait for them to all come out.
I?m not a ? boy
It?s not my fault that I?m boy
It?s not my fault I don?t have those toys
I?m not a ? boy

Boys a-ha, Boys a-ha, Boys a-ha

And now it alright that I?m not a boy
I sit home at night and I play with my toy
I?m not a ? boy

Well? that is the song I hope someone can help me. I think it was around the time that Arsenio Hall had his show and had ( a character named Chunky A) and put out an album entitled "Large And In Charge."

Posted: 10/13/07 07:34 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Can any one help!!!! Please
Artist: Book Of Love

Song: Boy

Year: 1985




Aaron From OHWC
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