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Posted: 09/18/07 09:58 PM
Author: Chasarae
Location: [email protected]
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Help me find this song please
This is a song I that I remember, noone I know remembers it. Male artist, RNB, 2000-2001

Aint nothing like a rainy night make you feel a romantic vibe
(ITs raining, its pouring)
Turn on some Marvin Gaye so we can dance the night away
(its raining, its pouring)

chorus; Let it rain, come inside, close the door

Posted: 09/24/08 09:06 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
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Help me find this song please
Artist: Forbidden

Song: Let It Rain

Year: 1999

Click here to watch the video



Aaron From OHWC
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