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Posted: 06/14/07 01:36 AM
Author: MizzDee0791
Location: Mphs
Posts: 2


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PLEEEZ... HELP '90-'92 RnB song
I have been trying to figure the songs' title and singer out for a while. I've got these songs on cassette tape yall. Trying let these tapes go... It is SO hard. But these are slow jamz....

( thought that either Christopher Williams, Keith Washington, or Robert Brookins had sang this song)

(...it starts off...)
good morning...how are you doin, my love
good evening, baby, you've got me lookin' above....

Recall...the first time
We laid eyes on each other
Do you remember...the first time
I made love - to you...ooh baby
Oooh the first time....

When night falls....I wanna be right here in your arms
Under the moonlight...passions desire burning strong
(baby,baby,baby, ooh ba-by)
Then came the liars...tryin' to take all- that we had
Do you remember...The first time
I made love to you
ooh, baby, ooh -
the first time

...and the song goes on and on...

Song #2
I thought Will downing sang this song...

The chorus goes like...

...what can I do... (what can I do)
...my love..(my love)
...for you...(for y-o-u....)

I do not know how much that will help
...but who ever sings #2 has a voice like
velvet - just like christopher williams (oooh I loved this man). It's got kind of an upbeat tempo...
but really mellow

pleez help.

I would appreciate ANYTHING....


Posted: 06/14/07 11:26 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


PLEEEZ... HELP '90-'92 RnB song

Song #2

I can't hear enough of the lyrics to determine if this is the correct song...

Click to hear Y.T. Style - What Can I Do

Posted: 06/14/07 07:11 PM
Author: Jin
Location: USA
Posts: 36


PLEEEZ... HELP '90-'92 RnB song
1st song is Remember The First Time by Eric Gable its off the album called Caught In The Act.
Posted: 06/19/07 08:33 PM
Author: MizzDee0791
Location: Mphs
Posts: 2


PLEEEZ... HELP '90-'92 RnB song
Thanks Dan... the song that you posted is not the same as the one I am looking for, but I appreciate you getting back with me.

Aaron From OHWC
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