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Posted: 05/15/07 10:26 AM
Author: remblue
Location: usa
Posts: 6


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litterbug...VERY obscure song
Way back in the late 70's or very early 80's I had a record with just one song on it. I think it was called "Litterbug", and I've never heard it anywhere else except on that record (which is long gone). It was song by a group of people, definitely women in the group and possibly some men too, (although, as far as I know, it may have been credited to an individual singer). It was a disco song, and I would love to find it for old-time's sake. Anyone know of it?

Here's the lyrics that I remember:

na na na (lots of na's)

Litterbug, you're just a junkman!

Lots more na's

Posted: 05/15/07 08:01 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


litterbug...VERY obscure song

Artist: Gentle Persuasion

Song: Litterbug

Year: 1978

Genre: Disco

Note: 'Gentle Persuasion' is Leza Holmes, Sharon Williams, Renee Johnson

The record is for sale at www.gemm.com or ebay.


Aaron From OHWC
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