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Posted: 04/26/07 05:02 AM
Author: jkkrazy2512
Location: usa
Posts: 4


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cover band song needed for a cd
Hello I have been looking desperately for a song my friend's band used to play all the time. They are a cover band from the philadelphia area called strange as angels and I have absolutely no information except the artist is the son of a famous classic rock musician. It was a one hit in the 90's and I love it I am at a loss and would love to find it. It's sound is along the lines of songs like she's so high by tal bachman and divine thing by the soup dragons. all I need is the artists name or a lyric to get me pointed in the right direction thanks in advance for any help

Posted: 04/26/07 09:54 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


cover band song needed for a cd
Are you saying the band does not know the song they played? Incase I misunderstood your question, here's a link to contact the band...Click here


Aaron From OHWC
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