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Posted: 03/02/07 09:20 AM
Author: Thegutter
Location: USA
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4 tracks need help with (Audio samples included)
I've posted this several times before on different forums boards, and have had some help but I'm still stuck on 4 of these tracks... One of them I've already identified, but the mix is unknown, and I can't seem to find a different mix anywhere of it *sigh* Any help is appreciated, thanks!

We're going to have an orgasm, that you can't even comprehend...
That you can't even comprehend...
Let me take you on a journey into bass
*alternating moans*
You can't even have an orgasm...
Let me take you on a journey into rhythm"

"Time is eternal
Time is too slow for those who wait
Time is, too slow, for those, who wait
Too swift, for those, who fear (who fear)
Too long, for those, who grieve (who grieve)
Too short, for those, who rejoice (rejoice)
But for those, who love, time, is eternity..."

Shannon - Give Me Tonight

Lil' Suzy - Take Me in Your Arms (Already knew, forgot to delete this one...lol)

Liquid Child - Return Of Atlantis (Ferry Corsten Remix)

Lil Johanna - Real Love (Freestyle Hot Mix)

DJ Taucher - Child Of The Universe (Sanvean) [Radio Mix]

Stevie B. & Johnny O - Fantasy Girl (Club Mix)

(Extra 1) Armin van Burren - Communication
(Extra 2) ??
(Extra 3) ATB - Don't Stop
(Extra 4) Music Instructor feat. Flying Steps - Get Freaky (??Unknown Mix?? Need help on what mix??)

P.S. Also have a question...there was a song playing on the radio station almost 24/7 when I lived in Florida that year, and it has also been played on one of the radio station's around here afterhours recently... It's originally sung by The Outfield called I Just Want to Use Your Love Tonight...but some DJ had remixed it and I was just wondering if anybody knew exactly who that was... I have the song marked as DJ X, but that just sounds too random for me...anybody have any confirmation on a DJ who redid the song?

Audio Tracks: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A63ROORP

Posted: 03/02/07 10:43 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


4 tracks need help with (Audio samples included)
Song #1

I talked with others on the link below about the Orgasm song...

Click here

Posted: 04/01/07 04:27 AM
Author: Conners
Location: Germany
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4 tracks need help with (Audio samples included)
Well, for your techno trax I don?t have a clue. But for your P.S. it might be Owen Breeze Remix. Check out his website for a sample of the Outfiled remix:


Aaron From OHWC
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