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Posted: 02/25/07 12:44 PM
Author: lil-jay
Location: uk
Posts: 19


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80s soul i think
sorry, i dont know the title or the name of the artist.

some of the song lyrics as i remember them (the chorus i think)female voice

without love
there's no reason to live
without you
all my lovin
.............about my love
......brought to you
now im livin in ecstacy

please help.......

Posted: 02/25/07 03:36 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


80s soul i think
Sister Sledge - Thinking About You

Click to hear

If you're not familiar with Sister Sledge, they had a big hit called 'We Are Family'. They had other hits like 'Lost In Music' and 'He's The Greatest Dancer' Click to hear and 'All America Girls Click to hear

Here's more music by Sister Sledge (Albums)

Click here

Note: Pages are slow loading because of the advertisement at top of page.

Posted: 02/25/07 08:43 PM
Author: lil-jay
Location: uk
Posts: 19


80s soul i think
thats the one

thanks Dan

Aaron From OHWC
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