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Posted: 01/23/07 06:22 PM
Author: mikel
Location: minnesota
Posts: 1


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80's song stuck in my head
On the radio today I heard an obscure one. I'm sure the name is "Holiday," but I find no record of it. The lyrics go (kinda lame) A holly holly ho and a holly hooly hay another holiday. Woman lead singer with a deep voiced male vocal doing the part I wrote.

Posted: 01/23/07 11:07 PM
Author: Aaron From OHWC (Moderator)
Location: California
Posts: 35


80's song stuck in my head
That is 'Holiday' by The Other Ones (1987) (the UK group, not the Grateful Dead spinoff band)

-Aaron from OHWC
Posted: 01/24/07 08:19 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


80's song stuck in my head
Here's the song...

Click to hear

Posted: 02/23/07 05:29 AM
Author: matherg
Location: UK
Posts: 4


80's song stuck in my head
It sounds like Boney M's "Hooray, it's a holiday" available to download I would have thought.
Posted: 09/11/08 05:02 PM
Author: Cathie Thomas
Location: USA
Posts: 1


80's song stuck in my head
It's called "Holiday" and it is by a band called "The Other Ones". You can find the video on YouTube. I have that song on one of my 80's compilation albums.

Didn't think any one else knew that one.

Aaron From OHWC
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