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Posted: 03/26/05 06:53 PM
Author: nyapple33
Location: USA, San Antonio, TX
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YES-YES-YES!!! Hello All. This is my first time visiting/posting to this forum, and I feel that I must have died and gone to music heaven! Finally, there is hope for finding all those songs that have been driving me crazy over the years. I will use this forum wisely and often. Here goes my first search:

I have this song recorded on a casette tape that is nearly worn out with age.I have been unable to find it anywhere. I think the name of the song is "Changes" by a female artist with a strong voice, named "Sharon or Cheryl something".

There is an orchestra in the background with lots of strings and horns.


Your love keeps changin on me.

When we first met, we were always together. No matter what hour - what day or the weather.

You gave me love with a capital "L". You were always willing to suffer, just to keep me well.

As time moved on, we both sat and talked. Then you took our love for granted and left it out to spoil.

Chorus: And now I feel it - I feel the changes. Your love just keep right on changin. Baby, I feel it - I can feel your love changin - your love, keeps changin on me.

Now loves day has ended. No more feelings to hide. The sun is going down and the truth is the night. And now I see it, I see it in your eyes, the things you said to me, were really nothing but lies.

Chorus: Baby I feel it. I feel it when you touch me - when you move close to me, I feel your love changin. Baby I feel the changes - you're changin on me. The way you use to hold me just does not affect me. Ooh baby, don't touch me - can't you see it's over. I feel it - I feel the changes.

That's right baby, stop pretending! Don't act like you don't see it! Cause I know, that you know, that our love has ended.

Let's keep it clean boy, and say good-bye. Let's wish one another luck to the end dear. And seek to find a new beginning.

I wish you well! We did what we could for each other. Now we've come to the end of our road - new roads to discover.

Baby, I'll always love you. I love you for what you are - but our thing is over, let's not take it too far. Let's end as friends, I'll see you tomorrow. Whatever the future holds for me, I can't say - I don't know. But I'm willing-I'm willing to face it - try to start a new life for myself, you can mistreat someone else.

So it's over - between you and me baby. I feel it - I feel it inside me.

I feel the tension whenever we're together. What I thought was love and would last forever - is over...

Thanks for any thoughts, recommendations, etc.

Posted: 03/26/05 10:23 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


I posted your question on the Old board. It's the OHWC button at the top of this forum. There are some really good R&B experts over there that may be able to solve this.


Posted: 11/08/05 10:22 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Response to my post at One Hit Wonder Central...

Subject: RE: R&B Your love keeps changin on me
Date: 11-08-2005
Author: Aidan

The track is called "Changin" - originally performed by Sharon Ridley in the late 70s. A spectacular remake of this song was released by disco diva Linda Clifford in 2000. I think the Linda Clifford version is superior to the original recording. Here's some information about the Linda Clifford recording from www.discomuseum.com:

"In 2000 a dream was realized, Linda's West End debut, "Changin'," was nothing short of a labor of love for West End Record's owner, Mel Cheren. The original version, a sleaze classic by Sharon Ridley (Tabu Records, 1976) had been a personal favorite of his since it was released. After he introduced the song to Paradise Garage D.J. Larry Levan (who remembered dancing to it at The Flamingo), it became one of Levan's favorite closing theme songs at the Garage. He'd often play the song especially for Mel -- as would other D.J.s around town when they wanted to "tip their hats" to him if he was in the club. The idea to have Linda Clifford cover "Changin'" originally struck Mel a couple years ago when he was thinking about re-opening West End Records. Delayed by the business of getting West End back in the game, it was over a year before he sent Linda a tape of the Sharon Ridley version. She loved it, played it for Ralphi Rosario (with whom she'd just worked on his album) and he loved it too. Mel suggested the two go ahead and record it together. They did, with Linda penning a few additional saucy lyrics. The song a classic is now given the classic Clifford treatment and forever more will be known as one her greatest recordings."




Aaron From OHWC
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