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Posted: 11/24/06 12:32 PM
Author: silenthunter13
Location: UK
Posts: 2


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Little help finding
Ok, this has been going through my head, the tune mainly, all i can remember is parts of the music video and small bits of the lyrics.

If i rememeber right the name of the song was "yeah yeah"

Its a blonde girl singing and shes moving very fast, all i can remember is the chorus has in it "yeah yeah" and the music goes down and up. Shes dancing in a dress infront of what looks like loads of amps on a wall and she throws petrol on it at the end, and the movie ends with her taking out a lighter and going to spark it.
Damn it would be great if someone knows what the hell i am talking about before i go nuts trying to remember the rest of the lyrics.. its a new song, saw it on TMF and now cant find it.


Aaron From OHWC
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