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Posted: 11/13/06 02:59 AM
Author: drmax
Location: USA-NC
Posts: 4


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Must be a UK hit
I heard a song yesterday by a woman with a rather dark voice. The chorus sounded like "you're my destiny, my (something), what I've been looking for"

Her voice sounded very interesting and I wanted to hear more, but have been unable to find the artist's name or the song title. I'm in Germany and the song is in English, so I'm assuming it is a UK hit (we hear mnay of those here).

Any help would be appreciated.

Posted: 04/29/07 07:19 PM
Author: Fire1
Location: London
Posts: 35


Must be a UK hit
Try the lead singer (girl) from the group called "M People". She is the only one that springs to mind with a deep voice from the UK

Aaron From OHWC
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